'Let the beauty we love be what we do'-Rumi

‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see’-Mark Twain

'Many will be shocked to find,when the Day of Judgment nears, that there's a special place in heavenset aside for volunteers’-Author unknown

‘The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion’-Thomas Paine

Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)


School of Economic Science (SES)

13thGCGI International Conference and the 3rd Joint GCGI andSESForum

Why Values Matter

The Power of Purpose and Values: The Path to a Better World

Wednesday 31 August-Sunday 4 September, 2016

Hosted at Waterperry House, Nr. Oxford

Final Programme

From Oxford 2002 to Oxford 2016: Portrait of a Great Journey for the Common Good

Plater College, Oxford (2002)- St. Petersburg, Russia (2003)- Dubai, UAE (2004)- Nairobi and Kericho, Kenya(2005)- Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (2006)-Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey (2007)- Trinity College, University of Melbourne, Australia (2008)- Loyola University, Chicago, USA (2009)- California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California, USA (2010)- Alexandria Bibliotheca, Alexandria, Egypt (2011—Postponed, due to the Revolution in Egypt)- School of Economic Science, Oxford Campus, Waterperry House, Oxford, UK (2012), Cité universitaire internationale, Paris, France (2013), and School of Economic Science, Oxford Campus, Waterperry House, Oxford, UK (2014 and 2016)

A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” Buddha

‘We have to build a better man before we can build a better society.’-Paul Tillich

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value” Albert Einstein

Building a better world, the world of values in the interest of the common good is indeed a holistic journey. It encompasses all our relationships in our daily lives, from how we interact with each other, across diversity, to how we care for the planet and steward our resources and how we relate to a faith or spiritual values and envision a future bigger than ourselves. Our Conference this year, similar to the previous ones, will take participants on a journey into building and co-creating the better world we are all yearning for.

What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose? What does it mean to understand and appreciate the natural world? ...To forge a more just society for the common good? In what ways are we living our highest values? How are we working to embody change we wish to see in the world? What projects, models or initiatives give us the greatest hope?

How can we do well in life by doing good? How can we become agents of change for the common good? How to spark a new public conversation framed around human dignity and the common good?  Human beings have explored these many questions of value through religion, philosophy, the creation of art and literature, and more. Indeed, questions of value have inaugurated many disciplines within the humanities and continue to drive them today. Questions about values and valuing are fundamental to being human, but rarely are the subject of explicit public reflection. The Conference will explore how values-led action can be a resource for renewal.


In Search of the Light to Build a Better World

This week, all of us, experienced and newcomers, young and old, students and teachers together will form a community, committed to exploring and debating visions and ideas for celebrating diversity, appreciating uniqueness, and acting in the interest of the common good, to enabling ourselves to transform disagreements into understanding, competition into cooperation and mutual respect.   In addition to keynote speeches, plenary sessions and storytelling roundtable, there will be opportunities for informal spontaneous meetings and dialogue between participants all through the week.  This, I sincerely hope will result in invaluable collaborative learning experiences and networking as well as rich personal interactions.  Please try to participate also in the cultural and social activities to cement further the newly formed friendships.  I hope you will take full advantage of all these activities.  

Furthermore, I invite you to share a common belief in the potential of each one of us to become self-directed, empowered, and active in defining this time in the world as opportunity for positive change and healing and for the true formation of a culture of peace by giving thanks, spreading joy, sharing love, seeing miracles, discovering goodness, embracing kindness, practicing patience, teaching tolerance, encouraging laughter, celebrating diversity, showing compassion, turning from hatred, practicing forgiveness, peacefully resolving conflicts, communicating non-violently, choosing happiness and enjoying life.

Have a wonderful conference.

Have a wonderful time.          

Kamran Mofid
GCGI Conference Series Founder Convenor

Wednesday, 31 August

1.00pm onwards: Arrival and Registration at Waterperry House


Drink Reception




Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science

Prof. Kamran Mofid, Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)


Opening Address

Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

Professor W. Richard Bowen, FREng: “Engineering for the Common Good”

THURSDAY, 1 September


Meditation and Mindfulness

(Guide: Prof. Steve Szeghi)




Plenary I      

What does it mean to understand and appreciate the natural world? (I)

Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

Prof. Steve Szeghi: ‘The Value of Values: The Centrality of Nature in our Humanity and Spirituality’


Keynote I

The Challenge of Scientific Responsibility for the Future of Economic and Political Science

Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

Prof. Winston P. Nagan, FRSA: Homoeconomico-politicus, Scientific Consciousness, and the Defense of Fundamental Values in the Context of the Climate Change Crisis”


Tea/Coffee Break


Plenary II

Seeking the Common Good: Values of Hizmet Movement

Introductory remarks and Moderator: Kerim Balci

Dr Mustafa Demir & Dr Omer Sener: “Dialogue to build an ideal Society: Hizmet inspired dialogue in the southeast of Turkey

Dr Ismail Mesut Sezgin: “The Positive Values of Hizmet and their Role in Creating a Better Society”

Merve Reyhan Kayikci: “Taking Care of’ the Other, Cultivating the Self: The Ethics of Social Interaction”




Plenary III

Youth and Education: A Perspective from the Belgian-Turkish Youth within the Hizmet Movement

Moderator: Rosemary Dewan

Yunus Denizli: “Values for Youth-Social Responsibility: Customization of Social Responsibility”

Dr. Erkan Toguslu: “Educational Philosophy of Gulen”

Dr. Fatih Isik: “A Spiritual and Dialogic Approach to Education of Moral Values”


Keynote II

What does it mean to understand and appreciate the natural world? (II)

Moderator: Prof. Steve Szeghi

Ian Mason: Natural Law and Natural Values”

7.00pm- late

Dinner in Oxford hosted by the Dialogue Society ( )

*(Residential participants please assemble at the entrance hall by 6.00pm to board the coach to the dinner venue)

FRIDAY, 2 September


Meditation and Mindfulness

(Guide: Prof. Steve Szeghi)




Keynote III

Moderator: Peter Holland

Laura Hyde: How can schools inspire a new generation to live according to the highest human values?"


Plenary IV 

Values-led Education

Moderator: Anthony Werner

Rosemary Dewan: “Why Developing a Fluency in Values Matters during School Days”


Tea/Coffee Break


Plenary V   An Interactive Panel Discussion

Putting Values into Action: Why is it so hard?

Introductory remarks and Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

Panel Speakers and Discussants:

Simon Lamb

Laura Hyde

Alan Williams

Charles Fowler




Plenary VI

Religions in the age of Globalisation

Moderator: Dr. Mustafa Demir

Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke: “The Globalisation of Religions: for the Common Good?”

Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh: “Globalisation and Values: A Sikh Perspective”


Time to ponder and a time to reflect: Storytelling for the Common Good

Introductory remarks and Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

The Storyteller: Anker Grossvater, 1884, Museum of Art of Bern

The Storyttelers and their Stories:

Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke and Mary Braybrooke: “Cared for at Cape Comorin. Your Prayers have given me hope. Taking Bullets to South Korea

Bishop Domen Kocevar: “Universal Value of One Humanity and its Anchoring in the World: My Story to tell”

Brigitte Volz: “German Women’s Thread of Life”

Hugh Venables: “Education Renaissance Trust: Our Story”

Shahriar Ashrafkhorasani: “From Tehran to Oxford: A Personal Exploration of Truth and Love with Fear and Trembling”


Dinner at Waterperry House


Drinks (Honesty-Box), Conversation and Dialogue

SATURDAY, 3 September


Meditation and Mindfulness

(Guide: Prof. Steve Szeghi)




Plenary VII

Seeking meaning and purpose in the world of business& economics: The Value of Values

Moderator: Dr. Peter Bowman

Prof. Steve Szeghi: “Economics, Spirituality, and Values”

Paul Palmarozza:“The Ethical Entrepreneur”

Richard Garry: Ethical Values for eternity”

Gherardo Girardi: Stakeholder vs Shareholder approaches to company purpose and identity: A comparison of firms’ financial performance”


Tea/Coffee Break


Plenary VIII     An Interactive Panel Discussion

Moderator: Prof. Ann Hallock

John Hough: “What values would you apply in working through the ethical and moral dilemmas if you had Robin’s capabilities?”




Roundtable: The Conference Coming Together- A Time to Share

A Conversation and Dialogue: Let the Light Shine in

The Conference: “The Power of Purpose and Values: The Path to a Better World”: Summing-up

5.30- 9.30pm

Conference Gala Dinner and the GCGI Award Presentation

5.30- 6.00pm 

Drink Reception

6.15- 7.15pm

Concert by Discantus at WaterperryHouseChurch

St Mary the Virgin, Waterperry, Oxfordshire

Discantus, a choir of about 30 voices, is widely experienced.  It has performed in many cities in the UK and has traveled to several different countries to give concerts.  Bruce Ramell is the leader of the choir and has led it since its formation in 1988

7.30- 8.30pm

Conference Dinner

8.30- 9.30pm

Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid

GCGI Award Ceremony and Keynote Address by Sir Anthony Seldon

SUNDAY, 4 September


Meditation and Mindfulness

(Guide: Prof. Steve Szeghi)




Keynote IV and Plenary IX

Moderator: Prof. Kamran Mofid


Keynote IV

Prof. Alan Williams: “Rumi and his many ways of speaking: the Masnavi and the lyric poems”


Plenary IX

Dr. Aida Foroutan: “The view from the Artist’s palette/palate: a narrative of Women’s Life as visualisations across cultures”

Mansoureh Sharifzadeh: “The Story of an Iranian Woman Studying at an American College in Tehran (1974-1978)”

11.30am       Vote of thanks by Prof. Kamran Mofid

11.45am       Close of Conference

List of Speakers

 (More detailed biographical notes are provided in the Book of Abstracts)

* Shahriar Ashrafkhorasani, Master Candidate, University of Oxford, Organiser, Oxford Open Discussion Network

*Kerim Balci, Editor-in-Chief , Turkish Review, a bimonthly journal published by Zaman Media Group of Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

*Dr. Peter Bowman, University Preparatory Certificate for Science and Engineering, UniversityCollege, and Head of Economics, School of Economic Science, London, UK

*Prof. W. Richard Bowen, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

*Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World Congress of Faiths, Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum, a Peace Councillor and a Patron of the International Interfaith Centre at Oxford, UK

*Mary Braybrooke, retired medical social worker, Oxford, UK

*Dr. Mustafa Demir, co-director and Research Fellow, Turkey Institute, London, UK

*Yunus Denizli,ForYouth, Belgium

*Rosemary Dewan,Chief Executive, Human Values Foundation, UK

*Charles Fowler, Chairman, Human Values Foundation, and Member of Steering Group of UK Values Alliance, UK

*Dr. Aida Foroutan, Lecturer in Persian Literature, University of Manchester, UK

*Richard Garry,Tutor, Philosophy course, School of Economic Scienc, London, UK

*Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli, Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founder, WSF World Spirit Forum, Switzerland

*Gabriele Castagnoli, Founder, oralab, Switzerland

*Dr. Gherardo Girardi, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Faculty of Business & Law, London Metropolitan University, UK

*Ann Hallock, former Prof. Of behavioural medicine, Michigan State University, USA

*Peter Holland, School of Economic Science, London, UK

*John Hough, The Loxley Trust: A Modern-Day Robin Hood, UK

*Laura Hyde, former head of St. James Senior Girls School, London, UK

*Dr. Fatih Isik, rechearcher and author on education, social and moral development and citizenship, UK

*Merve Rehyan Kayikci, PhD cadidate (2013-2017) at Catholic University of Leuven (K U Leuven), Belgium

*Simon Lamb, CEO, Purposeful Change, UK

*Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science, London, UK

*Bishop Domen Kocevar, Founder/Director, Theosophical Library of Alma. M. Karlin, Slovenia

*Prof. Kamran Mofid, Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI), UK

*Prof. Winston P. Nagan, FRSA, Samuel T. Dell Research Scholar Professor of Law, LevinCollegeofLaw,UniversityofFlorida, USA

*Paul Palmarozza, Partner, Principled Business, and Head of Philosophy in Business group, School of Economic Science, UK

*Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham, and former Master, Wellington College, UK

*Dr. Omer Sener, researcher and freelance writer on ethnicity, multiculturalism and cultural narratives.

*Dr. Ismail Mesut Sezgin, Executive Director, Centre for Hizment Studies, London, UK

*Mansoureh Sharifzadeh, former English Language Instructor, The Ministry Of Education, Tehran, Iran

*Dr. Uli Spalthoff, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Germany

*Prof. Steve Szeghi, Dept of Economics, Wilmington College, Ohio, USA and Co-Founder/Editor GCGI Journal, UK/USA

*Dr. Erkan Toguslu, Gulen Chair, CatholicUniversity of Leuven (K U Leuven), Belgium

*Hugh Venables, Education Renaissance Trust (ERT), London, UK

*Brigitte Volz, Volunteer, artist and teacher, “Learning and Creating” as well as “Art and Handicap”, Germany

*Anthony Werner, Editor-in-Chief, Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, London, UK

*Prof. Alan Williams, Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Religion, University of Manchester, UK

*Alan Williams, a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a Board member of the British Quality Foundation, a past President of the Meetings Industry Association and a Steering Group member of the recently formed UK Values Alliance.

*Travel Information: How to get to Oxford

How to get to WaterperryGardens and Waterperry House

(Please note: Overseas delegates arriving at Heathrow or Gatwick, use “the Airline” bus service- see above: “How to get to Oxford”; all buses have OXF on the destination indicator; get off at “Park & Ride: Thornhill”. From here our team of volunteer drivers will pick you up and drive you to the conference venue free of charge.

The same service is also available to delegates from the UK, arriving at Oxford train or coach stations. On arrival, take the park and ride bus to the ThornhillPark& ride stop, from where our team of volunteer drivers will pick you up and drive you to the conference venue free of charge.

Oxford Park& Ride:

Please carefully note: you are responsible for your own travel to the ThornhillPark& ride stop. Under no circumstances the conference organisers can pick delegates up from any other location.

On arrival at ThornhillPark and Ride you should phone Peter Holland on: 07734213449 You will then be picked up and driven to the Waterperry House by one of our volunteers.

Please as soon as possible inform Peter about your travel arrangements. This is very important.

Peter’s email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wishing you safe travels to the Waterperry House and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the conference.


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