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Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Dear Mr. Muñoz,

I am sure you will agree with me that, it must be very sad for you, personally, and disastrous for United Airlines, after the inhumane fiasco of the other day, when the poor and helpless Dr. Dao was forcefully and violently dragged and removed from a United Airlines plane in Chicago. This ugly and unnecessary incident has sparked international outrage and turned into a public relations nightmare for the airline which you lead. It is said that Dr. Dao suffered a concussion and broken nose and lost two front teeth, and would need reconstructive surgery.  

What had he done for such a horrible beating up? Was he guilty of anything? No. He was not at fault. He was not guilty. I hope United Airlines was not making an example of him, so that next time around, nobody will dare to say no to give up their seats when you are overbooked! 

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