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Australia 2008 Conference Announcement
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The Seventh Annual Globalization for the Common Good:
An  Inter-faith Perspective

“From the Middle East to Asia Pacific:
Arc of Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures and Religions?”

Trinity College, University of Melbourne

30 June - 4 July 2008

The conference has a website with additional information at:

From the Middle East to Asia Pacific:
Arc of Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures and Religions?  

7th Annual Conference  - Melbourne 2008

Globalisation for the Common Good: An Interfaith Perspective

30 June - 3 July 2008
Trinity College, University of Melbourne



Monday 30 June, 2008

3.00 – 5.00 pm Registration
Evan Burge Building, Trinity College

Sidney Myer Asia Centre University of Melbourne 

Chair:  Prof Joseph Camilleri (Centre of Dialogue, La Trobe University)

Welcome: Campbell Bairstow (Trinity College, The University of Melbourne)

Introduction: Dr Kamran Mofid (Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative, UK)

Keynote speakers:

Justice Michael Kirby (High court of Australia)
People of the Book: Reconciling Religious Fundamentals with Universal Human Rights

Message from His Excellency Mohammad Khatami

Prof Muddathir Abdel-Rahim (International Institute of Islamic thought and Civilisation)
Islam and the West: Striving for more effective dialogue and Cooperation for peace

Concluding Remarks: Prof Joseph Camilleri (Centre of Dialogue, La Trobe University)

Tuesday 1 July, 2008

9.00 Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Moderator: Maureen Postma (General Secretary, Victorian Council of Churches)

Opening Remarks: George Lekakis (Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission)

Keynote addresses (30 min presentations) followed by question and answer session

Prof Amin Saikal (Australian National University)
Afghanistan and Iraq: Between democracy and radical Islamism

Dr Ali Khoshroo (Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran)
Secular, religious dialogue and controversy

10.30 Morning tea

11.00 Three concurrent sessions:
Each session: three papers (20 minutes each) followed by Q & A

Session A (Sharwood Room)
Moderator: Rev Merrill Kitchen (Churches of Christ Theological College, Melbourne)

Prof Neil Ormerod (Australian Catholic University)
Virtues in a globalized context

Dr Tahereh Ebrahimi Far (Islamic Azad University, Tehran)
Globalization, women and dialogue of culture

Sayyed Nadeem Kazmi (Al-Kholi Foundation)
Conflict or dialogue? Reconciling religion and modernity through a multicultural reality

Dr Chandi Prasad Chapagain (Imagine Nepal & Plan Nepal)
Application of positive approaches in enhancing human capacities and sustaining a human friendly global society

Session B (Drama Room)

Moderator: Ian Fry, Melbourne College of Divinity

Prof Abdullah Saeed (University of Melbourne)
Rethinking the charge of distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures: A contextualist reading of relevant Qur’anic texts

Dr Peter T. Chang (La Trobe University Bendigo)
A comparative analysis of the Confucian and Christian worldviews

Mudassar Aziz (Ahmadiyya Anjuman, Lahore)
Concept of God in religions of the world

Session C – Postgraduate Panel (Junior Common Room)

Moderator: Andrew Wicking, Melbourne College of Divinity & Trinity College the University of Melbourne

Elyse Rider (Monash University)
Multiple cultures on colonised land: An ethical framework for interculturality in an Australian city

Elizabeth Chittock (University of Tasmania)
Difference matters

Suma Parahakaran (University of Sydney)
Thailand’s border conflict – its implications in the global scene: Conflict resolution and ongoing dialogue through human values education

12.45 Lunch

1.45 Three concurrent sessions:

Session A (Sharwood Room)
Special Panel - Women and the Interfaith Movement: Women’s Issues, Women’s Roles

Moderator: Perle Besserman (author of several books on women and faith, Zen practitioner)

Jessie Kaur Singh: Sikh perspective
Revd Janet Turpie Johnstone: Indigenous perspective
Rachel Woodlock: Muslim perspective
Dr Isobel Lilavati Crombie: Hindu perspective
Di Hirsh: Jewish perspective

Session B (Drama Room)

Moderator: Dr Luca Anceschi (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Dr Dvir Abrahamovich (University of Melbourne)
Breaking the ice: Reconciliation initiatives between Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians

Ian Fry (Melbourne College of Divinity)
Middle East conflict: Implications for inter-faith relations

Michael Shaik (Australians for Palestine)
An open wound: The Israel-Palestine conflict as a driver of interfaith discord

Session C (Junior Common Room)

Moderator: Elyse Rider (Monash University)

Dr Hasan Ugur (Fatih University, Istanbul)
Educational system in universities supports globalization for the common good

Dr Gregory Lewis Bynum (State University of New York)
Kant’s critical humanism applied to selected issues in cross-cultural and interfaith human rights thought and education

Dr Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei (University of New South Wales)
Cultural and religious diversity: the challenges and responsibilities for Australian higher education

3.45 Afternoon Tea

4.10 Close of session
All those attending the Reception should be at the bus by 4.15

5.30 Reception at Government House

7.30 Multicultural Evening hosted by the City of Moreland

Wednesday 2 July, 2008

9.00 Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Moderator: Dr Melanie Landau (Monash University)

Most Rev Dr Peter Carnley (former Anglican Primate of Australia)
Ecumenism, other faiths and the peace of the world

Rabbi Melissa Weintraub (Chairperson, Encounter, UnitedStates)
Warriors, prophets, peacemakers, and disciples: Peace-building leadership in the face of religious-inspired violence

10.15 Morning tea

10.45 Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College 

Showcase Victoria: Multicultural policy in action

Moderator: Bruce Meagher (SBS Director - Strategy & Communications) – Introduced by Ian Fry (Melbourne College of Divinity)

Yasser Soliman (Victorian Multicultural Commission)
B. Hass Dellal (Exec Director, Australian Multicultural Foundation)
Commander Ashley Dickinson (Victoria Police)
Nuangwong Boonyanate (Vic Department of Education)
Rabbi Jonathan Keren Black (Jewish Christian Muslim Association)
Michael Ulbrick (CEO, City of Darebin)
Sam Afra (Chair, Victorian Ethnic Communities Council)

12.45 Lunch

1.45 Three Concurrent sessions

Session A (Sharwood Room)
Moderator: Dr Bruce Duncan (Yarra Theological Union)

Prof G Maddox (University of New England, New South Wales)
Surmounting the wall

Dr Anthony Steel/Prof Jude Butcher (Australian Catholic University)
Engaging beyond differences

Judith Dunne (Victoria Goodwill Unit)
Understanding the causes of the conflict in the Middle East and the use of cross-global meditation and subjective visualisation for the promotion of peaceful resolution of service 7
Session B (Drama Room)
Moderator: Andrew Wicking (Melbourne College of Divinity & Trinity College the University of Melbourne)

Nasya Bahfen (Muslim Community Co-operative, Australia Ltd, RMIT University, Melbourne)
A global growth industry: Australian media and Islamic finance

Amzad Hossain (Curtin University, Perth)
Regional conflicts and technologies: Positioning Australia and Bangladesh

Prof Muhammed Iqbal Anjum (Islamabad)
Illusive and regressive globalization: issues and challenges for Pakistan’s economy

Session C (Junior Common Room)
Moderator: Larry Marshall (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Dr Ali Omidi (University of Isfahan)
The challenges between Iran and the West

Dr Erica Ehrenberg (American Institute of Iranian Studies)
American-Iranian dialogue

Dr Natalie Mobini-Kesheh (Australian Baha’i Community)
Islam’s encounter with post-Islamic religion: the case of the Bahai’is
3.30 Book Launch (Dining Room, Trinity College)
A Non-Violent Path to Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

Essays from Globalisation for the Common Good 6th Annual Conference, Istanbul, edited by Kamran Mofid, Alparslan Acikgenc, Kevin J McGinley and Sammas Salur. To be launched by Prof Dr Alparslan Açikgenç (Vice Rector, Fatih University, Istanbul)

Afternoon Tea

4.15 Plenary Session

Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Moderator: Dr Ruwan Palapathwala (Trinity College & Melbourne College of Divinity)

Reverend Professor James Haire (Charles Sturt University, NSW)
The search for communities of peace: An international reflection on Christian – Muslim relations.

His Royal Highness Prince Hassan of Jordan (video)
Ensuring security without borders: Global commons for the common good

5.45 Close of Session

7.00  Conference Dinner (Dining Room)

Thursday 3 July, 2008 

9.00 Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Moderator: Jim Kenney (Interreligious Engagement Project, United States)

Prof Chaiwat Satha-Anand (Thammasat University, Bangkok)
Bejeweled dialogue: Illuminating cultural conflicts in the twenty-first century

Jeremy Jones (Co-Chair, Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims & Jews; former President of Executive Council of Australian Jewry)
Internationalisation of tension / Internationalisation of hope

10.15 Morning tea

10.45 Three concurrent Sessions

Session A (Sharwood Room)
Moderator: Dr Michalis S. Michael (La Trobe University,Melbourne)

James Quilligan (Centre for Global Negotiations, United States)
Making the great adjustment: coalition for the global commons

Rev Merrill Kitchen (Churches of Christ Theological College, Melbourne)
Holding hands and bearing arms: Global challenges for Christian communities of faith in the 21st century

Jim Kenney Interreligious Engagement Project, United States)
Crossing the divide

Session B (Drama Room)
Moderator: Dr Jonathan Ritchie (Deakin University, Melbourne)

Dr Ruwan Palapathwala and Andrew Wicking (Melbourne College of Divinity & Trinity College the University of Melbourne)
From Middle East to South East Asia: Buddhist elements in conflict and dialogue

Prof Toh Swee-Hin (Griffith University)
A Buddhist in Mindanao: Reflections on conflict, violence and the building of a culture of peace in the southern Philippines

Rev Dr Ji Zhang (Centre for Theology and Ministry & the Confucian Institute, the University of Melbourne)
Christian and Buddhist/Daoist dialogue in the 7th century Tang China: A comparative study of the Nestorian Stele

Session C – Postgraduate Panel (Junior Common Room)
Moderator: Dr Luca Anceschi (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Bob East (University of Southern Queensland)
The Abu-Sayyaf: Terrorism in Sulu Province

Laeticia Anderson (University of Sydney)
Issues in Australian Perspectives towards Islam

Grace Sharon (Trinity College, University of Melbourne)
Islam, Christianity and Judaism: Conflict resolution in Jerusalem and beyond

12:30pm: Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Announcing the 2009 Globalisation for the Common Good Conference (Chicago)
Dr Kamran Mofid (UK)
Jim Kenney (Interreligious Engagement Project, United States)
Prof Yahya Kamalipour (Purdue University, United States)

1.00 Lunch

1.30 Four concurrent sessions:

Session A (Sharwood Room)
Moderator: Craig Woolley (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Prof Abdel-Hady (Qatar University)
Reconstructing Muslim identity in a globalised world

William Shwe (Program Director, Karen Marist Mission)
Burma and the Karen experience on the Thai-Burma border

Dr Jonathan Ritchie (Deakin University, Melbourne)
Nation Building in the Pacific: Comparisons with the Middle East?

Session B (Drama Room)
Moderator: Ian Fry (Melbourne College of Divinity)

Professor Ismail Albayrak (Asia-Pacific Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue, Australian Catholic University)
Breaking the Ice: Reconciliation initiatives between Jews & Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians

Hussein Tahiri (Monash University, Melbourne)
Dialogue: The Kurdish question in the Middle East

Assoc Prof Michael Hamel-Green (Victoria University) and Ms Jessica Morrison (ICAN)
A vision of a nuclear free Middle East

Session C (Junior Common Room)
Moderator: Margaret Papst (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Shamin Samani (Curtin University, Perth)
Cultural means and media in family violence mitigation

Dr Miriam Ehrenberg (City University of New York)
Applying psychotherapy techniques to ethno-religious conflicts

Dr Ann Hallock & Prof. Bahman Dadgostar (Hope Consulting Institute, United States)
Psychological aspects of prejudice

Session D (Buzzard Lecture Theatre)
Special Panel - Fostering Global Harmony: An Interfaith Dialogue

Moderator: Professor Yahya Kamalipour (Purdue University, United States)

Professor Fred Woods (Brigham Young University)
Rev Merrill Kitchen (Churches of Christ Theological College, Melbourne)
Melanie Landau (Monash University)
Professor Toh Swee-Hin (Director, Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University)
Swami Shankarananda (Shiva Ashram, Melbourne)

3.30 Afternoon tea

4.00 Plenary Session
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Moderator: Dr Ruwan Palapathwala (Melbourne College of Divinity & Trinity College, University of Melbourne)

Arc of Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures and Religions? Future Directions

Prof Chandra Muzaffar (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang)
Prof Joseph A. Camilleri (La Trobe University, Melbourne) 

5.30 Close of Conference

30 JUNE – 3 JULY 2008

  • Zakaryya Mohamed Abdel-Hady Chair, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Qatar University
  • Mudatthir Abdel-Rahim Professor, International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • Dvir Abrahamovich The Jan Randa Senior Lecturer in Hebrew & Jewish Studies; Director, Centre for Jewish History and Culture, School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne
  • Sam Afra Chair, Victorian Ethnic Communities Council
  • Ismail Albayrak Professor, Fethullah Gulen Chair in the Study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic Relations in Asia-Pacific Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue, Australian Catholic University
  • Alparslan Açikgenç Vice-Rector, Fatih University, Turkey
  • Leticia Anderson PhD candidate, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney
  • Muhammed Iqbal Anjum Associate Professor, International Institute of Islamic Economics International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Nasya  Bahfen  Lecturer in Journalism, RMIT; Muslim Community Co-operative Australia Ltd (MCCA), Australia VIC
  • Perle Besserman Writer
  • Nuangwong Boonyanate Senior Project Officer, Multicultural Education, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Jude Butcher Director, Institute for Advancing Community Engagement; Professor of Community Engagement, Australian Catholic University
  • Gregory Lewis Bynum Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, New York, United States of America
  • Joseph A. Camilleri Professor of International Relations; Director, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Peter Carnley Chairman of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference for the Anglican Communion; Former Primate of Australia, Anglican Church of Australia
  • Peter T. Chang Research Officer, Philosophy and Religious Studies Dept, La Trobe University Bendigo Campus, Australia VIC
  • Chandi Prasad  Chapagain  Human Resource Development Coordinator, Plan Int. Nepal, NEPAL
  • Elizabeth Chittock PhD candidate, School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania
  • Isobel Crombie Chairperson of the Shiva Yoga Board of Management and Co-Director of the Shiva Yoga Interfaith Committee, Australia VIC
  • Hass B. Dellal Executive Director, Australian Multicultural Foundation
  • Ashley Dickinson Commander, Victoria Police
  • Judith Dunne Victoria Goodwill Unit of Service, Australia VIC
  • Bob East PhD candidate, University of Southern Queensland, Australia QSL
  • Tahereh Ebrahimi-Far Lecturer of Globalization, women and dialogue of culture, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Iran
  • Erica Ehrenberg Executive Director, American Institute of Iranian Studies, USA
  • Miriam Ehrenberg Clinical Professor at John Jay College, City University of New York; Executive Director of the Institute for Human Identity, USA
  • Ian Fry PhD Candidate, Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia VIC
  • James Haire Professor of Theology, Charles Stuart University, Australia NSW
  • Ann Hallock Manager, Hope Consulting Institute, USA
  • Michael Hamel-Green Associate Professor, Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development, Victoria University, Australia VIC
  • Di Hirsh National Vice-President, NCJWA; Chair of Interfaith and Intercultural portfolio, NCJWA; Deputy Chair of Asia Pacific Region, International Council of Jewish Women, immediate Past President, National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Victoria)
  • Amzad Hossain Honorary research fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) at Curtin University of Technology; Honorary research fellow at Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, Australia WA
  • Jeremy Jones Co-Chair, Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims & Jews; former President of executive Council of Australian Jewry, Australia NSW
  • Yahya Kamalipour Professor; Head, Department of Communication and Creative Arts; Director, Center for Global Studies , Purdue University Calumet, Indiana, USA
  • Jessie Kaur Singh President, Centre of Melbourne Multi-faith and Others Network (COMMON), Australia VIC
  • James Kenney Executive Director, Common Ground, USA
  • Jonathan Keren Black Rabbi, Leo Baeck Centre for Progressive Judaism; JCMA Schools Programs Director, Australia NSW
  • Ali Khoshroo Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran
  • Merril Kitchen Principal and Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Churches of Christ Theological College, Australia VIC
  • Melanie Landau Lecturer, Jewish Studies, Monash University, Australia VIC
  • George Lekakis Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission, Australia VIC
  • Graham Maddox Emeritus Professor, University of New England, Australia NSW
  • Bruce Meagher Director - Strategy & Communications, SBS Corporation, Australia
  • Natalie Mobini-Kesheh Australian Baha’i Community, Australia NSW
  • Kamran Mofid Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative, UK
  • Jessica Morrison Australian Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
  • Chandra Muzzafar President, [JUST] International Movement for a Just World;
  • Noordin Sopiee Professor of Global of Global Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
  • Ali Omidi Assistant Professor in International Relations, University of Isfahan, Iran
  • Neil Ormerod Professor of theology, Australian Catholic University, Australia NSW
  • Ruwan Palapathwala Supervised Theological Field Ed Co-ordinator, Trinity College, Australia VIC
  • Suma Parahakaran PhD candidate, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney, Australia NSW
  • James Bernard Quilligan Managing Director, Center for Global Negotiations, Philadelphia, USA
  • Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei Conjoint Senior Lecturer and Senior Policy Consultant, University of NSW, Australia NSW
  • Elyse Joanne Rider PhD candidate, Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University, Australia VIC
  • Jonathan Ritchie Alfred Deakin Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - School of History, Heritage and Society, Deakin University, Australia VIC
  • Abdullah Saeed Professor, Foundation Chair of the Sultan of Oman Endowed Chair in Arab and Islamic Studies; Director, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. Director, National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (University of Melbourne, in conjunction with Griffith University and the University of Western Sydney).
  • Amin Saikal Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia), Australian National University, Australia ACT
  • Shamin Samani PhD candidate, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, Australia WA
  • Chaiwat Satha-Anand Associate Professor of “Violence and Nonviolence in Politics” and “Political Philosophy”, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Michael Shaik Public Advocate, Australians for Palestine, Australia VIC
  • Grace Sharon Ordinand with the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne; Student - Melbourne University and Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia VIC
  • Yasser Soliman Member, Victorian Multicultural Commission
  • Anthony Steel Lecturer, Institute for Advancing Community Engagement and School of Theology, ACU National Mount Saint Mary Campus
  • William Shwe  Program director for the Karen Marist Mission, Thailand 
    Hussein  Tahiri Honorary Research Associate, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University, Australia VIC
  • Swee-hin Toh Professor; Director, Multi-faith Centre, Griffith University, Australia QSL
  • Janet Turpie-Johnstone Anglican Priest, Elder in the Indigenous community, Australia VIC
  • Hasan Ugur Lecturer, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Michael Ulbrick Chief Executive Officer, Darebin City Council
  • Melissa Weintraub Rabbi, Encounter, USA
  • Andrew Wicking PhD Candidate, Trinity College - Centre for Social Inquiry, Religion and Interfaith Dialogue [CSIRID], Australia VIC
  • Rachel Woodlock Researcher and PhD candidate, Centre for Islam and the Modern World (CIMOW), School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University.
  • Fred Woods Professor of LDS Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA
  • Ji Zhang Sanderson Fellow, Uniting Church Centre for Theology and Ministry. Member of Confucian Institute, University of Melbourne 

  • Mudey Abdullahi Student, La Trobe University, Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Hoden  Abi Student, La Trobe University-Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Darren Abrahams Detective Senior Constable, Security Intelligence Group, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Kaotar  Al Tamimi Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Shaan R.  Ali Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Luca Anceschi Research Fellow, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Laurelle Jume Atkinson Political Analyst, Australia
  • Nail  Aykan Senior Manager-Marketing & Public Relations-Human Resources, MCCA, Australia
  • Hafeez Bana Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Milad  Bardan Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Lablu Barua Rajanagar Buddhist Welfare Society, Bangladesh
  • Mandy Bathgate Senior Social Policy and Project Officer, City of Darebin, Australia VIC
  • Paul Beirne Dean, Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia VIC
  • Aralderia T.   Belleng La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program -Exchange Student, Philippines
  • Ellen Berah Proprietor, The Conference Organizer, Australia
  • Jacob Berah University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Gary Bouma Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Monash University; UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations - Asia Pacific
  • Fiona  Broom Monash University, Student, Australia VIC
  • Paula Brosnan Sergeant, Multicultural Advisory Unit, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Roberta Buccomino Research Assistant, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Cahill Desmond Professor; Postgraduate Coordinator Multicultural, RMIT, Australia VIC
  • Janelle Cairns Community Education and Liaison Officer, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Rita Camilleri Honorary Research Fellow, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia VIC
  • Margaret  Carlton
  • Karuppan Chockalingam Engineer, Australia
  • Janet Crawford Dean, United Faculty of Theology, Queens College, University of Melbourne, Australia VIC
  • Dean Crouch Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Rahman Dahlia  Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Jamshid Damooei California Lutheran University, Professor of Business Administration, USA
  • Joanne Darlington Bond University, Australia QSL
  • Jess Dean Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Ma. Elena Cruz del Rosario Social Studies Supervisor, Quezon City Grade School, Miriam College, Philippines
  • David Diaz Multicultural Relations Officer, Darebin City Council, Australia VIC
  • Ashley Dickinson Commander, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Catherine Dobbin Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade - ASEAN, Regional Issues and East Timor Section South-East Asia (South) and Regional Issues branch, Australia ACT
  • Elizabeth Doherty Office for the Participation of Women, Australia
  • Bruce  Duncan Director, Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy, Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia VIC
  • Ruth Durick Young Catholic Women’s Interfaith Fellowship, Australia
  • Kate East University of Southern Queensland, Australia QSL
  • Sue Ennis PhD Candidate, RMIT University, Australia VIC
  • Albert Fatileh Leading Senior Constable/Advisor, Multicultural Advisory Unit, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Dirk  Ficca Executive Director, Parliament of the World’s Religions, USA
  • Susan Maree Flood Executive Officer, Social Justice Com. Catholic Diocese Toowoomba, Australia QSL
  • David  Forde Policy Officer, Multicultural Affairs Queensland, Australia QSL
  • Ken  George Campus Director, Taylor’s College, Australia VIC
  • Mark  Gordon  Conference Manager, Trinity College, Australia VIC
  • Helen  Granowski College Headmistress (retired), Anglican Education System, Australia
  • Peter Greaney Detective Sergeant, Security Intelligence Group, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Janette Gray RSM Sister, Jesuit Theological College, Australia VIC
  • Zayed  Halloum Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Cyril Hally Pax Christi Australia, Australia
  • Lamisse  Hamouda Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • John Haren Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent de Paul Society, Australia
  • Sukma Haryaty La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program -Exchange Student, Indonesia
  • Anna  Hassett Assistant Director, Community Planning, Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia ACT
  • Huda  Hayek Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Michael Henry La Trobe University, Student, Australia VIC
  • Jane Hosking Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Philip  Huggins Bishop, Anglican Dioceses of Melbourne, Australia VIC
  • Hella S. Ibrahim Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Rifat Islam Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Samet Istar Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Akiko Iwasaki Sophia Junior College, Japan
  • Robert Johnson Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Akhtar Kalam Chairman, Muslim Community Cooperative Australia; Professor of Health Sciences, Victoria University, Australia VIC
  • Nada  Kalam Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Husam Kamil Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • TIM KEFFORD Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Andrew Harry Kerr Priest; Chairman, Anglican Church & Pax Christi, Australia
  • Andrew Kingsford PhD Candidate, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Amber Kudleck Teacher (Tourism), Victoria University, Australia VIC
  • David John Lear Headmaster, Edmund Rice College, Australia NSW
  • Jane Lee PhD Candidate, Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia VIC
  • Tim Lindsey ARC Federation Fellow; Director, Asian Law Centre; Co-Director, Centre for Islamic Law and Society; Director of Studies, Graduate Program in Asian Law, University of Melbourne, Australia VIC
  • Anthea Lindquist Post-graduate student, Monash University, Australia VIC
  • Sean Lloyd Law/International Relations, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australia ACT
  • David Lukudu CAI-Project Officer, Wyndham City Council, Australia VIC
  • Patricia M. Madigan Executive Officer, Broken Bay Catholic Diocese, Australia NSW
  • AMY  MAGUIRE La Trobe University, Student, Australia VIC
  • Larry Marshall Projects Officer, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • ARAN J. MARTIN Research Assistant, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Darren McQueen Detective Senior Constable, State Intelligence Division, Victoria Police, Australia VIC
  • Carolyn McSwiney Loreto Sisters, Australia
  • Daniel John Mellsop Senior Policy Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand
  • Imran Sadiq   Mezra La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program -Exchange Student, Malaysia
  • Michális S. Michale Research Fellow, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Daniel Murphy Health Care Chaplaincy Council Vic, Australia VIC
  • Reem  Mussa La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Claire Naffah Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Australia VIC
  • Michael Olivier Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Kajute O’Rjordan Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Suad  Osman Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Margaret  Papst Post-graduate student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC 
    Aria Payamara Student, Iran
  • Maureen  Postma General Secretary, Victorian Council of Churches, Australia VIC
  • Perla Prontacio Wyndham City Council, Australia VIC
  • Hilarie Roseman Students, Dept. of International Communication, Macquarie University, Australia NSW
  • Hajrah Saboor PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne, Australia VIC
  • SAIDIMAN SAIDIMAN La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program -Exchange Student, Indonesia
  • PAULINA  SAMY Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC 
    Executive Officer to PVC (R & I), Australian Catholic University, Australia VIC
  • Dalal Smiley Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Australia VIC Ian Smith Minister, Church of Christ; Multicultural Unit, City of Darebin, Australia VIC
  • Mohalidin E.  Suga La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program -Exchange Student, Philippines
  • Ahmad  Tabassi Chief Executive Officer, Persia Petroleum Services Plc., Australia
  • Setu Taule’alo Student, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Dalilah  Thalib Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Husny  Thalib Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC
  • Gerard Fredrick Toben Director, Adelaide Institute, Australia SA
  • Gino  Tomisich Overseas Placements Officer, Northern Metropolitan Institute of TAFE, Australia VIC
  • Margaret  Tonkin Pax Christi Australia, Australia
  • Nola Van der Feen Spiritualism educator, Australia
  • Kevin Vaughan Fire-fighter, Australia
  • Scott (Zayd)  Verschuren Student, La Trobe University - Young Muslim Leadership Program, Australia VIC Manager, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia VIC
  • Brad Yoder Professor of Social Work, Manchester College, Indiana, USA
  • Linda Young Minister, Southern Community Churches of Christ, Australia
  • Aladin Zayegh Associate Professor, Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator, Victoria University, Australia VIC

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