What Would the Greek Ancient Wisdom Say about the Modern Greek Tragedy?

“The wisdom of the ages”: as it has been noted by many wise observers, “these simple words have the power to transport us from a place of devastation to a state of mind anchored deeply in the earth, like a rock that is steadfast and welcoming, having weathered the greatest of storms and remained strong.”

I must admit, this thought, “the wisdom of the ages,” gives me a sense of well-being that fills me with the certainty that I am loved and that I am part of a greater world that has survived lifetimes of change through the healing power of love and the common good. By opening our hearts and filling them with this love, we can draw all of the strength and wisdom we will ever need in life, if only we know how. That is the key. Is this not what we are all seeking in the uncertain times in which we live today?


“Ancient peoples knew that in order to live successfully in the world, their relationship with higher consciousness must shape their world view. Think about this for just a moment. Today, we live in a world where physical reality shapes our relationship with higher awareness. In the ancient world, it was higher awareness that shaped peoples’ relationship with their physical reality. And there is a world of difference between the two.”

Inspired and guided by many sages before me, learning from and the application of ancient and trusted wisdom shows me how to shape and shift oneself out of a subjugated reality into a life of wondrous purpose and clarity. Nothing in life is truly simple, for life itself is complex. It is, however, far less complicated than one could ever imagine once you have found the keys which unlock the tools of wisdom within your own self. 

Today I want to wonder and explore what the modern Greeks and others might learn from their ancient wisdom to empower them to face their current economic crises with the needed strength and wisdom.

Ancient Greek solution for debt crisis

What advice would the ancient Greeks provide to help modern Greeks with their current financial worries?

“In the early 6th Century BC, the people of Athens were burdened with debt, social division and inequality, with poor farmers prepared to sell themselves into slavery just to feed their families. 

Revolution was imminent, but the aristocrat Solon emerged as a just mediator between the interests of rich and poor. He abolished debt bondage, limited land ownership, and divided the citizen body into classes with different levels of wealth and corresponding financial obligations. 

His measures, although attacked on all sides, were adopted and paved the way for the eventual creation of democracy.
Solon's success demonstrates that great statesmen must have the courage to implement unpopular compromises for the sake of justice and stability.”…

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