America has always been at its best, most efficient, when guided by socialist principles

On Monday 7 May 2012, on the occasion of the election of the Socialist President in France, I posted a note on my Blog , “Goodbye, Neo-liberalism and Austerity. Hello, Democratic Socialism and Hope”, congratulating the people of France for their wise choice, and wishing monsieur Hollande the best.

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However, it is very interesting to note that, when it comes to wisdom for being guided by socialism, across the Atlantic, the US, has always had a socialist economy. Now, it should also try a bit of European-people-based-socialism, to create a bit more egalitarianism, harmony, justice and well-being.

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Face it, the US economy is socialist

“Once you accept the fact that some kind of socialism is part of the US economy, we no longer have to suffer silly debates over whether it is or it not partly socialist. It is.”

…“ By this standard, the US is a socialist country, because to some degree or another, the government has always got involved in the economy: the railroads, the Homestead Act, the power grid, the interstate highway system, and the internet. These are products of the government creating markets or meeting demand, and then getting out of the way to allow capitalism to work. Most in the US wouldn't call this socialism, however. They would call it good governance.

That the US has shepherded the economy in one way or another exemplifies its economy's mixed nature. It's mostly capitalist, but partly socialist when the profit-motive is detrimental to human need. The best example is Medicare. The older you are, the less insurable you are. In a free market, in which government coercion is completely absent from the exchange of commodities and securities, the elderly would die sooner. That's how markets work, and that's why Lyndon Johnson didn't want the elderly to be at the mercy of the markets.”…

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