The Aims of Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) are:

  • GCGI commits itself to a wide range of activities that are all aimed at promoting and teaching, through cutting-edge scholarly activities, research and education on Globalisation for the Common Good. Our emphasis is on providing progressive perspectives that are increasingly hard to find because of the reliance on, and promotion of, neo-liberalism as the sole philosophy behind the current globalisation process.
  • GCGI therefore, rather than espousing and defending a single discipline or paradigm, seeks to engage a broad, pluralistic range of viewpoints and models to be represented, compared, and ultimately synthesised into a richer understanding of the inherently complex systems it deals with.
  • GCGI nurtures a commitment among academics and practitioners to learn from each other, to explore new patterns of thinking together, and to facilitate the derivation and implementation of effective policies for the realisation of Globalisation for the Common Good.
  • GCGI is committed to the idea of global cooperation and dialogue between scholars, business leaders, policy makers, opinion leaders and leading NGOs. Our aim is that such co-operation will lead to a more informed and balanced understanding of the behaviours, motivations and objectives of the various forces, agents and policy makers that form the globalisation process.

In short, what the GCGI seeks to offer- through its scholarly and research programme, as well as its outreach and dialogue projects- is a vision that positions the quest for economic and social justice, peace and ecological sustainability within the framework of a spiritual consciousness and a practice of open-heartedness, generosity and caring for others, by encouraging us all to know and to serve the common good.

We combine empirical, theoretical and applied research with sustained engagement at international, regional, national and local levels to analyse many different facets of globalisation and the common good, empowering us to seek and suggest humane solutions to the challenges of globalisation. We aim for an enabling environment for international research excellence involving diverse and critical approaches.

Moreover, it should be noted that, given the GCGI inclusive and pluralistic orientation, the Initiative neither emphasises nor excludes the perspective of any particular World Religion or spiritual point of view and it endorses no specific political party or political affiliation.

Among research topics carried out by GCGI in fulfilment of its mission will be:

  • Ethics, Philosophy, Theology and Globalisation
  • Eastern and Western spirituality in Dialogue for the Common Good
  • Global Governance, Business, Economics and Globalisation
  • Ethics and Spirituality in Higher Education
  • Global Consciousness and Spirituality
  • Faith and Action in the age of Globalisation
  • The Virtuous Economy- Business as a Calling: Doing Well by Doing Good
  • Environment, Ecology and Globalisation
  • Psychology and Globalisation
  • Politics, International Relations and Globalisation
  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution and Peace building
  • Civilisation, Culture and Globalisation
  • Media, Global reporting and Globalisation
  • Global Activism for the Common Good
  • Enabling, Envisioning and Empowering: Young People Leadership Programme in Common Good
  • Regions & Globalisation for the Common Good
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