Brand identity

The Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) continues to make great strides as an international leader promoting an ethical, moral and spiritual vision of globalisation, encouraging adaptation of public policy at all levels that nurtures the common good of our global community.

To help the GCGI achieve a consistent brand image, a cohesive identity system was developed in 2010 to help visually represent the mission, the forward thinking, and momentum of the organisation as it continues to evolve.

The GCGI has a tradition of building strong relationships internationally and will continue to do so with the consistent use of brand images, colors, fonts and styles in all communication formats relating to the organisation.

This graphic standards guide spells out how the GCGI brand is correctly used on all forms of communication, including web sites, other electronic communication vehicles, and print publications.

The GCGI encourages partners to download and use the high resolution .eps format files when using the GCGI logo in various communication formats.

Unique situations may arise for a particular application such as signage, banners, or other communication mediums where further interpretation of these guidelines are necessary. For questions relating to the use of the GCGI brand identity system, please send e-mail for support.


There are two font styles used for the text included in the GCGI identity.

Organisation name abbreviation "GCGI" uses - Corbel, Bold

The full spelling of the organisation name uses - Corbel, Regular


The visual brand of the GCGI logo and text are represented in the various color, grey-scale, and black/white options through the use of two distinct colors and varying shades of black.

Web: #2B3990

RGB: 43,57,144

CMYK: 100,95,5,0

Web: #05AF9A

RGB: 5,175,154

CMYK: 77,5,49,0

Web: #231F20

RGB: 35,31,32

CMYK: 0,0,0,100

Web: #58595B

RGB: 88,89,91

CMYK: 0,0,0,80

Web: #939598

RGB: 147,149,152

CMYK: 0,0,0,50


The following representations of the logos are available in the .eps, and .jpg formats on transparent background:

GCGI logo with text underText under logo

GCGI logo with text to sideText to side of logo

GCGI logo with text to aroundText around the logo

GCGI logo brandmark with textLogo Brandmark with GCGI

GCGI logo brandmark onlyLogo Brandmark without GCGI