Storytelling for the Common Good: Telling our Stories, Sharing the Wisdom

Out with the old, Bring on the New

A story by Steven Jay*

It was a day like any other day.

But this day was different.

I would awake to the beat of a heartbeat now so strong,

But only just a few hours past

I was holding on for dear life.

Little did I know how lucky I was

The momentary pain

The tossing and turning at night

The gasps for air when

I thought my lungs were full of


And yet today, I was fortunately lucky.

Lucky I was told for

Only two or

Four out of

One hundred of what I had experienced  would see the light of a new day.

And Ididn't know what had really


Until the animals would come out of

The Walls and I was talking to a man who

Wasn't there.

That seven inch cut down

The middle of my chest was forever a memory of an old life in a world I was no longer part of.

And just one minute before they put me

Under for the long sleep

I would ask The Universe for one thing and one thing only:

To spare my life and I would work for you. To serve. To empower. To bring joy to the world.

In music.

In words.

In art.

And in

Verse for the Universe

To experience

And to realize that not everyone gets a sevond chance.

And with that chance comes a


To see.

To feel.

To make the difference.

To love.

To love every second of every day for everyday is a gift.

A gift to make a difference.

To heal.

To care.

To serve

To love.

On December 3, 2015 I had triple bypass heart surgery which not only saved my life but brought me closer to what is most important.  I am one of the 2 to 4 percent that survive a Widowmaker heart attack. And no matter what anybody never forget how lucky you are to live each brand new day for most people who have not get that chance.

Copyright 2018 Steven Jay. All rights reserved

*Steven Jay is a passionate creative force and creative alchemist who has spent his life seeking solutions for human potential based on the natural world. As the Founder and Creative Director of Mobilized, he invests him time and energy in discovering passionate people who are dedicated to empowering a healthier planet and population in balance with the natural world.  He spends a majority of his time deeply and passionately focused in creating and co-creating projects, partnerships and aligning with like-minded socially-aware individuals and organzations who are committed to collaboration without compromise.