World in Crisis.

The world seems dangerously unmanageable these days. Look around you, crises everywhere and in everything. Above all, there is crisis of spirit, trust, morality and humanity. It seems, many have forgotten the art of what it means to be a human these days.

To my mind, this is all because of one thing, and one thing alone: NEOLIBERALISM, a form of extreme free market fundamentalism- an unusual concept, you might say, largely because it extends out of economics and into philosophy and the way people see the world. A system with no built-in mechanism to regulate the worst excesses of human nature. As Thatcher once said, “economics is the method, the aim is to change the soul”.

The pertinent questions, thus, must be:

What kind of economics it was that has so profoundly changed the soul?

Who were the economists that have brought us such a bitter, tragic harvest?

Who were the billionaires who bankrolled them, financed and established academic centres/thinktanks for them, giving them academic respectability, educating generations of fundamentalists, putting them in high-powered jobs everywhere, bidding for their masters’ ideas and visions?

If you are, like me, interested in these questions and more, then, the link below is where you will find the master key, which will  unlock the door to the truth about the falsehoods, injustices and inhumanity of this bankrupt ideology of the so-called neoliberalism, its practitioners and financial supporters.

Meet the architects of the world in crisis

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