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12th Annual GCGI International Conference and the 2nd Joint GCGI and SES Forum

The Value of Values: Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life”

31 August- 4 September, 2014

Waterperry House, Oxford

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The Conference, Waterperry House and Garden, Gala Dinner, HarrisManchesterCollege, University of Oxford and the Third GCGI Award Ceremony

‘From August 31 Until September 4th, around sixty individuals from many countries gathered at Waterperry House near Oxford for the GCGI Conference.  The conference attendees came from diverse backgrounds, divergent spiritual traditions, many distinct cultures, and philosophical points of view.  Many were teachers and professors, some were entrepreneurs, social and business, some were lawyers, and some were accomplished spiritual, political, and community leaders, to name but a few. All were united by a desire to make this world we live in more just, more equal, more ecological, and more relational.  For it is in relationships with one another and in our relationships with the earth and all the species and elements of nature that human beings find happiness, peace and purpose.

This year, we once again found a unity with one another, we found connection.  We found it in our search for truth and in our hopes to build a better world in ways both large and small. We listened intently to each other’s presentations.  We engaged in dialogue during the formal sessions, and again more informally as we ate together and shared perspectives.  What we hope for the world, we found in a special way, this year at Waterperry House.’

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(St Mary the Virgin, Waterperry House, Tuesday 2nd September 2014)

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