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Paradise Stolen: Don't Show Your Children

Photo: maxresistance.com

I thought you might be interested in watching this short video on ‘Paradise Lost’: the destruction of our environment, ecology, hope and life; turning paradise into hell.


Everybody, I am sure, has his or her own ideas and views on why we have turned our paradises into hells. But for me, the core of the problem and paradoxically the heart of the solution are the same: VALUES. Bad values are destroying everything, including paradises on earth, whilst good values are needed to build a better world.

Today’s world, it seems, has become a world of continuing and deepening crises. Wisdom, must surely compel us to ask: Why?

Is it lack of money or resources? Or Lack of technology and IT? Or Lack of people holding PhDs and MBAs? Or lack of goals set by this organisation or that? No. What we lack is moral and spiritual imagination and compass. We lack wisdom and choose wrong, harmful, and worthless ways.
Our crises can only be addressed, reversed and resolved, and our goals can only be achieved, if we change direction, adopt new values and become concerned with life’s bigger picture. We must reconnect ourselves with nature. We must begin to respect and admire nature and be inspired by it. Moreover, as members of the household of humanity, we must provide security, sanctuary and constructive engagement for all of our human family. Sustained by the bounty of all, called by the Sacred, and animated into action by the Spirit of peace, Justice, and Reverence for All Life, we must be guided by values inspired by nature, to brighten our path to build a world fit for the common good.

If we want to realise anything good in life, including any goals we may set ourselves, we must begin, first and foremost, by focusing on some fundamental and enduring questions of human meaning and value:

The Value of Values: Why Values Matter

I hope with your support we convey our GCGI’s values to more people, and invite them to join our family, so that we may construct the better world that we all deserve to live in together.

 Watch the video:

  Paradise Stolen - Don't Show Your Children  :  Information Clearing House - ICH