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The world has lost trust in crony capitalism, belha belha, belah Politicians, here today and gone tomorrow into the pockets of lobbyists!! 

The Revolution to heal the world has already started and is led by the youth, students, our children and grandchildren. This is why I am hopeful.

We must never forget that nearly three decades ago at Rio 'Earth Summit' (June 1992)– where Cops were born – nearly 200 governments agreed to implement “educational and public awareness programmes on climate change and its effects”. However, not surprising, precious little has happened since. 

But, we should not despair, today's youth, students and activists are changing all that. The era of belha belha and more belha is coming to an end and only fools cannot notice this tsunami of change.  

For the sake of humanity, I do hope that the governments gathered in Glasgow, will show signs of wisdom and for once project honesty and truthfulness, although, given their disastrous and dishonest record, I do not hold my breath.

This will bring me back to my earlier point again: The Youth, Students and Pupils will Save the World and will Heal Mother Nature. 

This is Why We Need a New Golden Age of Wisdom, Honesty and Hope

Our Children and Grandchildren are Showing us the Path

They are our Hope. They are the Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel.- Ryan Engstrom

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World Transformation and the Youth: Youth to Make the World Great Again


This is why I am hopeful for our world. This is why I am hopeful that we will build a better world.

Because, the agenda, policies, dreams and ideas are more and more formulated and suggested by the youth and not my generation that by and large have been found guilty as hell.

Furthermore, everyone,  everywhere, especially the youth, are discovering that the current education on offer, divorced and separated from nature, needs to be overhauled. They are now demanding that the time has arrived to rethink education and to explore the benefits of nature-based education in our teaching methods and  models. 

All in all, they have realised that the neoliberal education has destroyed the heart and soul of teaching and learning, and  wish nature to be our wisest teacher.

This understanding, in due course will lead to a better environment in which mother earth and environment will be respected, valued, protected and nurtured.

The IPCC Report- I Refuse to give up Hope: Earth Is A Mother that Never Dies

Greta Thunberg attends a demonstration calling for action on climate change, during the

"Fridays for Future" school strike in Vienna, Austria. (Reuters File Photo)

Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future receive Amnesty International’s top honour

…’Over 50% of the global population is under 30, and with the global population at over 7 billion - that’s a lot of young people. Young people are incredibly important in bringing about change, they are generally less afraid to speak out about what they believe in than older people, and they are the ones who are going to be affected the most by the decisions made today. If we effectively harness the leadership and potential of young people around the world then together we can empower youth for the common good.

We must realise that what the young lack in experience they make up for in courage and vision, dreams and hope for a better, more sustainable future…’Continue to read

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‘What is the unfolding story of the next decades?

‘The rise of today’s youth, leading the world, with hope, inspiration, commitment, imagination and wisdom in the interest of the common good, to change our troubled world for the better’- Kamran Mofid, Founder, the GCGI

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Illustration: Nathalie Lees/The Guardian

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