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The Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) upon completing its 10th year anniversary looks forward to continuing to grow and develop. Next year’s conference with its main theme of “Common Interests, Common Action-Cultivating Wisdom, Inspiring Hope: An Intergenerational Dialogue for the Common Good to Inspire a Creative Leadership” will meet in Paris, France. The GCGI global family looks forward to a second decade during which the GCGI will continue to attract a broader and more diverse spectrum of participants.

Together people from across the globe, from diverse perspectives, cultures, religions, economic systems, can and must find ways to share and appreciate the common values of peace, justice, and ecology, and to discover how to best incorporate those values into policies and institutions. The participants of the GCGI are happy to have found a vehicle to be part of that process.

As we begin our second decade, we are pleased to announce the launch of “The GCGI Youth Ambassadors Initiative”. Today’s younger generation, is the unfolding and yet to be written story of the next several decades. The youth of today will soon be leading the world. They have the opportunity and challenge to lead with hope and wisdom for the common good, to change our troubled world for the better.

Building new civilisations and a new economic system will demand challenging and novel ways of thinking; perspectives that encompass the broad swath of human experience and wisdom, from the natural sciences and all the social sciences, to the philosophical and spiritual values of the world’s major religions and of indigenous peoples as well. The task before us is a daunting one, and wisdom in how to proceed will come from a multiple of sources, and must embrace the panorama of cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

The global voice, service, experience and expertise of the GCGI is a powerful influence in supporting people everywhere as they contribute to building new civilizations aware of the global common good and a new global economic system that accommodates diverse national economies.

GCGI believes that:

*Youth can be powerful agents of change, actively working together to find solutions to present-day problems in order to create a better world. Their talents, abilities, hopes and dreams must be nurtured and reinforced, empowering them to act as compassionate leaders in the interest of the common good.

*Youth have a right to have a say on the decisions that affect them. We wish to ensure the central role of young people in international decision-making through effective and inclusive representation to secure lasting and positive change for them.

*Issues such as poverty, employment, education, trade, climate change, and conflict, etc, that affect us all and issues that will continue to affect many generations to come, are discussed at international meetings and events. The Youth must be heard at all levels, if we truly wish to create a more humane world.

In order for this worldview to spread, practical steps are of the essence. Actions need to be taken for its dissemination, so that we can begin a dialogue on where we go from here in building a better world for ourselves and for future generations. This can be realised only if we seek to cultivate wisdom and inspire hope as the highest priority for our time.

To this end it is my pleasure to invite you to become one of our GCGI Youth Ambassadors for “Globalising Compassion and Wisdom: Building Bridges in the Interest of the Common Good”.

As the GCGI Youth Ambassadors you will spread information and awareness of your own projects, as well as that of the GCGI among your peers, workplace, universities, colleges, high schools and communities, and more.

The Ambassadors are also invited to make a short video (no more than ten minutes) or write a brief essay (up to 1,000 words) that addresses the following question: "Learning to live together for the Common Good to Build a Better World". These in turn will be posted online at www.gcgi.info

In the sincere hope of your kind and positive response to my invitation, our  Ambassadors are called upon to serve in their own unique ways, wherever their paths go, so that together we may realise our shared dreams.

The GCGI Youth Ambassadors: (More to be listed)

Vanessa Bassil, Freelance Journalist and Peace Activist , Founder, Media Association for Peace (MAP) & Lebanese Young Peace Journalists group, President, MasterPeace Club of Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon

Omnia Elkhayat, Radio Sawa Correspondent – Cairo, Egypt

Stephanie N. Van Hook, Executive Director, Metta Center for Nonviolence, Petaluma, CA, USA

Humera Javed, Education & Inclusion Coordinator at the Diversity & Equity Office, Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada and Board of Director of Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN). She is a PhD Candidate studying Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), University of Toronto.

Julia Kinash, President of the International Movement Youth Time, Prague, Czech Republic

Princess Ogechi Ukaga, member of the Board of Directors, Children of the Earth, and Director, One Peaceful Africa.

Rajesh Makawana, Director, Share the World Resources (STWR), London, UK

Layla Mofid, PhD Candidate, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

 Tamas Veress, PhD Candidate, Business Ethics Center at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary