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The Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) upon completing its 10th year anniversary looks forward to continuing to grow and develop. Next year’s conference with its main theme of “Common Interests, Common Action Cultivating Wisdom, Inspiring Hope: An Intergenerational Dialogue for the Common Good to Inspire a Creative Leadership” will meet in Paris, France. The GCGI global family looks forward to a second decade during which the GCGI will continue to attract even a broader and more diverse spectrum of participants.

As we begin our second decade, we are pleased to announce the launch of “The GCGI Senior Ambassadors Initiative”: a new outreach to educate and empower people to become socially engaged for the global common good, with a special emphasis on dialogue with the younger generation, who are the unfolding story of the next decades: hopefully leading the world, with hope and wisdom for the common good, to change our troubled world for the better.

The global voice, service, experience and expertise of the GCGI is a powerful influence in supporting people everywhere as they contribute to building  new civilizations aware of the global common good and a new global economic system that accommodates diverse national economies.

Building new civilisations and a new economic system will demand challenging and novel ways of thinking; perspectives that encompass the broad swath of human experience and wisdom, from the natural sciences and all the social sciences, to the philosophical and spiritual values of the world’s major religions, cultures, and of indigenous peoples as well. The task before us is a daunting one, and wisdom in how to proceed will come from a multiple of sources, and must embrace the panorama of cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

In order for this worldview to spread, practical steps are of the essence. Actions need to be taken for its dissemination, so that we can begin a dialogue on where we go from here in building a better world for ourselves and for future generations. This can be realised only if we seek to cultivate wisdom and inspiring hope as the highest priority for our time.

To this end it is our pleasure and honour to introduce our GCGI Senior Ambassadors for “Globalising Compassion and Wisdom: Building Bridges in the Interest of the Common Good”.

The GCGI Senior Ambassadors: (More to be listed)

  • Prof. Alparslan Acikgence, Vice Rector, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, President, World Congress of Faiths, Oxford, UK
  • Mrs. Mary Braybrooke, Vice- President, World Congress of Faiths, Oxford, UK
  • Dr. Michael Britton, Director, "Global Appreciative Culturing", USA; and Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Norway
  • Mr. Sesto G. Castagnoli, Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founder, WSF World Spirit Forum, Switzerland
  • Prof. Jamshid Damooei, Co-director, Centre for Leadership and Values, School of Management, California Lutheran University, USA
  •  Rosemary Dewan, Chief Executive, Human Values Foundation, UK
  • Prof. Ulrich Duchrow, Professor of Systematic Theology, Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Mr. Come Carpentier De Gourdon, Convener- Editorial Advisory Board, World Affairs, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. Susan B. Eirich, Founder& Executive Director, Earthfire Institute, USA
  • Dr. Michael Ellis, President and Founder of the Global Peace Centre, Australia
  • Mr. Umit Goker, Director, Research Centre, Journalists and Writers Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dr. Linda Groff, Professor, Political Science and Future Studies, and Coordinator, Behavioral Science Undergraduate Program, California State University, and Director, Global Options and Evolutionary Futures Consulting, USA
  • Ann Hallock, former Prof. Of behavioural medicine, Michigan State University, USA
  • Mr. Peter Holland, School of Economic Science, London, UK
  •  Dr. Farhang Jahanpour, Associate Fellow, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, UK
  • Prof. Yahya R. Kamalipour, Chair, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, North Carolina A&T State University, USA
  • Mr. Jim Kenney, Executive Director, Interreligious Engagement Project (IEP), USA
  • Mrs. Cetta Kenney, a Trustee of Common Ground and a founding Trustee of the Intereligious Engagement Project, Chicago, USA
  • Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director and co-founder of the Humanistic Management Center, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Dr. Audrey E. Kitagawa, JD, President/Founder of the International Academy for Transcultural Cooperation, President, Light of Awareness International Spiritual Family
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Kochler, Chair, Political Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, Austria, and President, International Progress Organisation (I.P.O), Vienna, Austria
  • Mr. Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science, London, UK
  •  Dr. Jan Oberg, co-founder and director, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF), Lund, Sweden
  • Dr Fabio Petito, International Relations, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK
  • Rev. Dr. Alan Race, Editor-in-Chief, “Interreligious Insight”, UK&USA
  • Hortense Reintjens-Anwari, Dr.phil. Dipl.-Theol, former University Lecturer at Cologne University in Ethnology, and Consultant at the German Institute for Development Services, Germany
  • Prof. Keith J. Roberts, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for International Studies in Education, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Dr. Nancy Roof, Founding/Editor, Kosmos Journal, USA
  • Bhai Sahib Bhai Dr. Mohinder Singh, Chairman, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, Birmingham, UK
  • Dr. Uli Spalthoff, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Germany
  • Prof. Steve Szeghi, Dept of Economics, Wilmington College, Ohio, USA
  • Dr. Shiv Talwar, President, Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc; Kitchener, Canada
  • Mr. John Thompson, Transformational Psychologist, Perth, Australia
  • Mr. James Quilligan, Director, Center for Global Negotiations, USA
  • Prof Jens Wendland, Chair of Media Theory and Economics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
  • Mr. Anthony Werner, Editor-in-Chief, Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, London, UK