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Boris Johnson, you are nothing but a ‘Dogmeat wrapped in the Union Flag’- David Hare

Boris Johnson and his Deceitful Brexit have brought British democracy to its knees

Chris Riddell 01/09/2019

Illustration by Chris Riddell, Via The Guardian

In the Interest of Truth, Wisdom, Honesty, and Trust Brexit must be Overturned:

We Owe this to Ourselves, Our Moral and Spiritual Compass

Lest We Forget

In his long years of public disservice, Boris Johnson managed one thing perfectly well: 

to debase the country, debase fellow politicians, debase politics and economics, debase any pretence to parlimentary democracy, debase, degrade, and demean the moral, ethical and spiritual fabric of our society and communities. Like many other neoliberal, Thatcher-loving Tories, he, too, deregulated and privatised everything and in the process lost his own heart, soul and mind, becoming completely free of any values,  forgetting what it means to be human .

He fooled and deceived us to opt for his Brexit to ‘Take Back Control’ whilst he himself was in control of nothing, but his own contradictory illusions and his disturbed mind. 

During the Brexit Referendum campaign in 2016 he told the nation  that staying in the EU would mean “the steady and miserable erosion of parliamentary democracy in this country”.

He then got his Brexit, and soon after he lied to the Queen and suspended his ‘loving' parliament. Then in his final days totally disgraced and belittled the parliament, calling the members biassed, corrupt, anti-Brexit, undemocratic, sitting in the ‘Kangaroo-Court’!! If these and more are not enough reasons to overturn his Brexit, then, I am afraid, we are not a deserving case for  progressive politics and values. 

‘The contempt was all the more serious because it was committed by the prime minister, the most senior member of the government. There is no precedent for a prime minister having been found to have deliberately misled the house.

He misled the house on an issue of the greatest importance to the house and to the public, and did so repeatedly. He declined our invitation to reconsider his assertions that what he said to the house was truthful. His defence to the allegation that he misled was an ex post facto justification and no more than an artifice. He misled the committee in the presentation of his evidence.’-The House of Commons privileges committee who found that Boris Johnson repeatedly misled MPs when he told them he knew nothing about lockdown-breaking social gatherings in and around Downing Street. (Photo credit above: Frank Augstein/AP/inews)

Ben Jennings cartoon

Illustration by Ben Jennings- The Guardian

Boris Johnson has always Projected and Celebrated the Dark side of the Human Spirit

He lied and lied again and fooled the nation to vote for self harm and destruction, all for his own self interest and harmful naked ambitions, lest we forget.

He lied and lied again about his ugly and distasteful behaviour during the Covid lockdowns.

Brexit’s biggest crime? The £40bn wasted on lies

Privileges committee says  seven Tory MPs and three peers risked discrediting system of checks and balances in parliament

Boris Johnson, you are nothing but a ‘Dogmeat wrapped in the Union Flag’- David Hare

 "We know, from outstanding examples of your past behaviour, respectability’s not your bag./ Carry on as you are and you’re going die in the same way as you’re living right now – /Adored by the fawning press that spawned you, you’re dogmeat wrapped in the union flag.”

Watch David Hare reading this timeless poem on the now fully disgraced Boris Johnson

Something is badly wrong with the way Britain is governed.

Understanding the scourge that is Boris Johnson and his long years of public disservice 

Illustration by Chris Riddell.

 …’Johnson is gone from frontline politics, but voters will have to live with the legacy of the worst prime minister in living memory for decades to come. He has left three lasting blights on Britain. The first is Brexit. Johnson supported leaving the EU because it suited his leadership ambitions; he was one of the key architects of a populist campaign that misled the public that Brexit would restore British sovereignty, make us richer, reduce levels of immigration and free up valuable resources for public services. After the referendum, he opportunistically embraced a hard Brexit that no one voted for to build his own political base and manoeuvre himself into Number 10. As a result, Brexit has been achieved but at the expense of significant economic growth, greater regional equality, and regulatory accord between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. It will make us poorer over the long term.

‘Second is the terrible way his government handled the Covid pandemic. Much is known about the mistakes that were made: not once – perhaps understandably given the uncertainty involved – but repeatedly imposing social restrictions too late in a way that necessitated tougher restrictions for longer later on, at greater economic cost, and in a way that will have cost some people their lives…

‘The last aspect of his legacy is his debasement of the principles of public life that form the basis of the ethical standards voters have the right to expect from those who hold public office. From unlawfully suspending parliament when it refused to do his bidding, to lying to the public about whether his Brexit deal would involve customs checks in the Irish sea; from breaking his own lockdown regulations to backing bullying ministers who were independently found to have broken the ministerial code, Johnson has presided over a decline in integrity, honesty and accountability in public office and has undermined trust in democratic institutions…’- Continue to read 

The Madness of King Boris

Photo:Brexit: a totally mad day

I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister

All said and done, Johnson’s disgraceful fall and departure from the Commons should prompt reflection and moments of soul-searching amongst all the people who for such a long time heaped praise on him, supported him and gave him an 80-seat majority in the last general election. It is so hard for me to say this, but we are all complicit in the disaster of Boris Johnson.

One way to save ourselves from the damnation of the future generations and indeed from history, is to repent, seek forgiveness and undo his crimes of lies, the biggest of them all: BREXIT. We must undo the Deceitful Johnson’s Brexit Referendum and help our country to regain its moral compass and integrity, and Rejoin our Neighbours and Friends, once again Again. Carpe Diem!

BREXIT: The Greatest Act of Self-harm was Based on Porkies- Pack of Lies, A Load of Rubbish

Photo: Via The YouTube

Brexit: A Defeat for the British Nation- A Defeat to be Mourned. 

Long List of Brexit Lies We Were Told Again and Again

Some of the Brexit Lies that We Were Told:

We send £350m a week to Brussels

We can’t stop Turkey joining

We can’t stop a European army

We are still liable to pay eurozone bailouts

The UK rebate can be changed against our will

Our VAT exemptions will be ended

Cameron’s deal was not legally binding

EU law is adopted by unelected bureaucrats

We can’t control our borders in the EU

Criminals arriving in Germany can get EU passports and come over here

Health tourism costs us billions

EU needs UK trade more than vice versa

Past referendum results have been ignored

Auditors still refuse to sign off the accounts

CAP adds £400 to British food bills

British steel suffers because of the EU

Irish border will be unaffected by Brexit

UK can’t deport EU criminals

UK is always outvoted

60-70% of laws come from EU

Renationalisation of industries is impossible

We get no veto on future treaty change or integration

The budget ceiling can increase without our consent

We thought we were only joining a free trade zone

(See more of the BREXIT LIES)

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BREXIT: When England Betrayed Churchill

To better understand Brexit and the host of other multiple crises that the UK is currently facing, we must learn more, and understand better, the scourge that is the nasty Tory Party and its 'Bastard' Economics, inflicting death, misery and pain on the majority of British people.

Nicola Jennings opinion cartoon 19.06.2023

Illustration by Nicola Jennings on how the Covid inquiry is exposing Tory ministers’ failings.

The Guardian, 18 June 2023 

(Lest we forget, not only the decietful, pathological liar Johnson lied about Brexit, he also lied and was deceitful about his own private actions during the Covid lockdowns:  For those who lost loved ones during Covid, Boris Johnson’s deceit is sickening )

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I often think about what could have been like for Boris Johnson and our country, should he had wisely decided to listen to words of wisdom and had changed his ways to become a man for the common good.

When he did not succumb to Covid virus and was discharged from hospital, I wrote an open letter to him, suggesting ways of changing his spots and becoming a good man. Given what has happened since, it appears that he must have ignored my letter and had binned it! I feel sorry for him.

Boris Johnson: This is How to Become a Force for Good