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I am very happy to inform you about Our GCGI Community, my dream for a long time. We have been working on its implementation for a long time now. The work of which we are a part, which is so needed has barely begun; much lies ahead.

We urgently need more and deeper conversations, dialogue and engagement at all levels and from multiple levels and perspectives to bring the different cultures, civilizations and viewpoints together, in order to find common ground and agreement on common action.


We need to focus more sharply on the multifaceted insights and assets offered by the different perspectives and points of view of the many varied and distinct global cultures and civilizations which inhabit our world. This is how we can implement a new agenda for a new economics and economic system which functions for the common good of humanity and the earth. We cannot achieve our hopes and dreams without such conversations and dialogue.

Only then can we hope for the understanding between civilizations, peoples, and points of view necessary to construct an economy that truly works for the common good. This is why I am extending my warm invitation to you to join our GCGI community.

Visit the new website at http://www.gcgi.info and join the Community. You have two options for creating a new account - use your Facebook username and password or create a new account within the GCGI Community.

A) If you already have your own Facebook account, then:

  • Login with your Facebook account - The GCGI Community project let's you use your Facebook username and password to join the GCGI Community so you don't need to remember a new identity to participate. Just click the "Facebook Connect" button on the GCGI Community login screen and follow the on-screen prompts. If you don't have Facebook, you can still join the GCGI Community by creating an account on the GCGI Community login page.
  • If you do not have Facebook account already, then, please follow the instruction under the heading "Get Connected" on the GCGI Community page.

Here are some highlights of the new system.

  • Build you Personal International Network - The GCGI has been hosting conferences for ten years enabling the international community to come together, dialogue about the Common Good, and work together to make change. For the first time, you can now build your international relationships by browsing the GCGI Community directory online. We encourage you to visit the GCGI Community and login with your account to begin building your personal profile to network with people seeking the Common Good. Connect with friends from previous conferences and build new friendship by clicking a button!
  • Showcase your Group by Building a Group - The GCGI Community is providing an opportunity for you to build a group that represents your organization within the GCGI Community. You can establish a group and upload images, video, and post messages to group members. People who join your group inside the GCGI Community are able to post questions and comments for discussion. Think of it as your own little website inside the GCGI website. The GCGI has a proved track record for promoting the Common Good for more than ten years now. Show your organization is aligned with the Common Good by starting a group inside the GCGI Community website.
  • You can of course create your own group, or build one around the themes that the GCGI has championed over the last many years, amongst them:
    • Spirit in Business and Virtuous Economy
    • The new economics and economic systems
    • Dialogue of Civilisations
    • Globalisation, the Youth and the Dialogue of Civilisations
    • Engaging Youth Spirituality for Positive Social Change
    • Lessons from Indigenous Peoples on Economics, Equality and Ecology
    • Politics and the economy
    • Social issues
    • Media and journalism
    • Internet, IT and Web Communication
    • Education
    • The environment
    • Technology
    • Business and corporate social responsibility
    • Art, literature and music
    • Popular culture: (TV, radio, electronic culture, etc.)
    • Ethical Foundations of an Ecological Political Economy
    • The Role of Economics and Business Education in Creating Prosperity based Moral Responsibility
    • Global Commons and the Commons Economy
    • Religious Pluralism and Interreligious Dialogue
    • Voices of the New Economics: What Can we tell the Students now?
    • The Role of and the Contributions of the Civil Societies in the age of Globalisation
    • Governance, Transparency and Public Management
    • Young people and the Digital Age
  • Join in the Discussion - You don't have to create a group to be a part of the Common Good movement. There are a variety of groups available within the GCGI Community. Browse the groups and find one that interests you. You can view the group, the members of the group, and current open discussions with a few simple clicks. Post your thoughts in the group or learn from some of the discussion.

  • Invite your Friends - The GCGI Community will succeed and thrive as more people come together for the Common Good. Please invite your friends to visit the GCGI Community. Invite them to build a profile and become their "friend" online!

I believe if we succeed in what we want to achieve, then, the impact can be phenomenal. Please visit the website and click on community and follow the instructions. You and your friends can then become friends of other groups and vice versa. Then, the sky is the limit where we can all go together for the common good. Please share this with all your friends and colleagues and help me to realise our shared  dream: that by our 10th Birthday Anniversary in Alexandria, we may have 1000s of participants in our GCGI Community, all working together to create a world of kindness, generosity, love, peace and justice for all.

I thank you in advance for all your commitment and support.

Kamran Mofid,
Founder, GCGI

Click now to join the GCGI Community