My Plea to You on the 250th Birthday of the Poet of Nature, The First Eco-Warrior

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Photo:EOCA's Spring 2020 Newsletter

Out of the coronavirus crisis, a new kinder and better world must be born

Dear All,

Firstly, I am writing to you with the sincere hope that you, your loved ones are all keeping well and staying safe. I thank all those friends and colleagues who have responded to my previous communications, telling me that they are weathering ok and also wishing me and my family well.

We are a GCGI Family and as such it will make me very happy to hear from all of you. Please consider sending me an email, letting us know you are fine.

Secondly, as today (7 April) is the 250th birthday of William Wordsworth, I want to share a personal and heartfelt message with you.

In all my academic life, spanning over four decades, I have been dismayed, frustrated and overwhelmed with pain to notice that our education model has not embraced the beauty and the wisdom of our mother nature and our sacred earth, corporating them into the teaching curriculum.  

This, to my mind, has seriously deprived the students, our future leaders, or indeed, our current leaders, to get a wholesome, values-led education, and thus, has prevented them, to vision and implement policies to heal our world, to better our lives.

Given the tragedy of our current Coronavirus crisis, the time is now to rethink this matter. To enable us to do just that, I have put some ideas together in the link below:

The Sweetness of Being Human: ‘We have all of us one human heart.’ 

You will feel me with joy, if you join me, and include nature in your teachings, and furthermore,  by sharing the link below with your colleagues and students.

The time is now to be a campaigner for the common good, by embracing and protecting nature, and by recalling the wise words of the poet of nature, William Wordsworth: 'Let Nature to be Your Teacher'

Thanking you,

Stay well,