Serving the Earth, Serving One Another

In a world of spiraling ecological, socio-political and economic crises, where does one find hope and wisdom?

Where can we search for and discover our spiritual calling and be one with the world and with each other?

YES, We Found Hope, Wisdom, Beauty and Inspiration at our GCGI-SES Forum at Villa Boccella, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Our vision and our hope for the flourishing of the Earth Community in these challenging times

Dear Friends,

Very warm greetings to you all from Coventry.

What a wonderful time we had together at the beautiful and inspiring Villa Boccella, where, we found a unity with one another, with our sacred earth, our mother nature and  we found connection. We found it in our search for wisdom, truth and beauty. We found it in our hopes, dreams and imaginations to build a better world in ways both large and small.

We truly showed what it means to be of and for the common good, unleashing the power of passion and purpose. We lived together and pursued the common good.

GCGI-SES Lucca 2018 Group Photo

Photo Credit: Angela Bowman

Soon I will send you a more comprehensive report, outlining in more detail  the work of our Lucca Conference, the photos and much more.

For now, it is suffice to say that, we concluded the Conference by reaffirming our values and commitment 'to share a common belief in the potential of each one of us to become self-directed, empowered, and active in defining this time in the world as an opportunity for positive change and healing and for the true formation of a culture of peace by giving thanks, spreading joy, sharing love, seeing miracles, discovering goodness, embracing kindness, practicing patience, teaching tolerance, encouraging laughter, celebrating diversity, showing compassion, turning from hatred, practicing forgiveness, peacefully resolving conflicts, communicating non-violently, choosing happiness and enjoying life.'

Until we meet again at the next GCGI Conference, let us remain a Community in our hearts as we work, not alone, but, together, and continue to build the better world we are all yearning for.

In the wonderful and wise words of Rumi:

Tender words we spoke

to one another

are sealed

in the secret vaults of heaven.

One day like rain,

they will fall to earth

and grow green

all over the world.

Lest We Forget:

‘Strong communities, lasting friendships, healthy and worthwhile living, a just and fairer world, are all built on shared dreams and the practical tools to express those dreams.’

Our vision and our hopes and dreams for the flourishing of the Earth Community in these challenging times

Below, please read a sample of our hopes and dreams as we expressed them at Lucca, Tuscany. These beautiful, wise and loving words by Susan, John and Tamas, go a long way to warm our hearts, give us hope, that indeed, we can come together, dream, imagine and realise the better, fairer world we all all yearning for.

Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D. GCGI Senior Ambassador, Co-founder of Earthfire Institute, USA.

Read Susan’s reflection

John Thompson, GCGI Senior Ambassador, is a Transformational psychologist, Perth, Australia.

Read John’s reflection

Tamas Veress, GCGI Youth Ambassador, is a PhD student at the Business Ethics Center, the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.

Read Tamas’s reflection

Wishing you all inner peace and good health,