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Teaching in the Age of Selfies:Increase compassion and empathy with EQ

How to increase compassion and empathy in the classroom? In the Age of Selfies, we can beat disconnection with compassion and empathy

by Anabel Jensen, Via Six Seconds (The Emotional Intelligence Network)

Anabel Jensen, President of Six Seconds and professor of education, Anabel Jensen, Ph.D., is a master teacher and a pioneer in emotional intelligence education. A two-time Federal Blue Ribbon winner for excellence in education, she was Executive Director of the Nueva School from 1983 to 1997 where she helped develop the Self-Science curriculum featured in Daniel Goleman’s 1995 best selling book, Emotional Intelligence. Photo: 

Welcome to the Age of Selfies,...

‘We’re so self-absorbed, self-promotional & self-conscious we’ve lost connection to others.’

‘I have always had the aim of helping students to become both academically and personally successful.’

‘Openness, love and a readiness to communicate will help students take a realistic view of the world.’

“Welcome to the Age of Selfies, where we are so self-absorbed, self-promotional, and self-conscious we’ve lost connection with others. What can be done to counteract this disconnect? The answer lies in emotional intelligence to increase compassion and empathy. EQ in the classroom or boardroom helps build bridges between people and gets us to break free from the Age of Selfies. Here’s 6 how-to tips to build stronger relationships and help use emotional intelligence to increase compassion and empathy.”

Executive Summary

“So, I began to think about how teachers can help during these tricky moments when students might feel isolated, or worried that they won’t fit in. Straight away, I wondered if the strands of thought and behavior which we’re increasingly seeing in modern society – selfishness, egotism, the dismissing of others who are too different from ourselves – might be impacting today’s students’ social and educational experiences in the classroom. Perhaps the best question is: how could they not? Movies, pop music, TV shows, and above all social media have all become conduits, it appears to me, for a new level of suspicion and disdain; our discourse has, partly due to the very mediums we use, become troublingly curt, brief, and often ego-driven. It appears our society is becoming more and more narcissistic and less and less empathetic. Here’s 6 how-to rules on how I try to teach tolerance and acceptance using emotional intelligence in the classroom.” Continue to read: Teaching in the Age of Selfies

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