The country star best known for his many great songs, such as I Believe In You, My Best Friend, Good Ole Boys Like Me, Tulsa Time and many more, as well as his laid-back demeanor died on Friday following a short illness at his home in Alabama.

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Don Williams. I must admit, I very much liked his voice, music, songs, the lyrics, as well as the way he projected peacefulness, contentment, and being at ease with oneself.

Before I share more about Don Williams, I wish to share a personal story.

I few year back, I wanted to get something speacil for my wife’s birthday. I was wondering what? I was looking for a meaningful gift, not just a dinner and wine and the red rose! I wanted to tell her she is MY Best Friend!

Then, I heard that Don Williams was touring England and very close to Annie's Birthday he was going to be at Birmingham Symphony Hall. The rest is history. I got the tickets. We went to the concert and Don so beautifully sang my favorite song: You're My Best Friend   

Music is manna for the soul, and nectar for the spirit."

‘The health of the physical body is inextricably tied to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Music is a powerful catalyst for healing because it touches the very core of humanity... our souls. With music, we can remember our connection to the Creator and the powerful Healer within. We can take control of our health and our lives as we enjoy the healing sound of music.’-A Path with Heart


I have found good and meaningful music, accompanied by lovely words, very healing, soothing, and helping me to be hopeful for a better world.

Don Williams RIP

On Friday his publicist confirmed Williams, who was known as “the Gentle Giant” because of his easygoing temperament, died after a short illness.

Williams had 17 No 1 hits in the US and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010, before he retired in 2016. Williams was known for his rich voice, gentle delivery and storytelling style. He toured sparingly, did few media interviews and spent much of his time on his farm west of Nashville.

His career started as a musician in Portland, a city he moved to from his native Texas, where he was born in 1939. He moved to Nashville in the late 60s and wrote songs for some of country’s biggest names, including “Cowboy” Jack Clement.

“It’s one of those blessings and curses kind of things,” Williams said in an interview with the Associated Press in 1994. “There’s very few things in my life that I’ve done that come anywhere close to making you feel exhilarated and humbled and fulfilled and challenged and all that, all at the same time.”

His hits included I Believe in You, Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good, You’re My Best Friend, Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, and Till the Rivers All Run Dry. Eric Clapton recorded his We’re More Than Friends and Pete Townshend redid his Til the Rivers All Run Dry.

“Don Williams offered calm, beauty, and a sense of wistful peace that is in short supply these days,” said Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame in a statement on Friday. “His music will forever be a balm in troublesome times.”*

*Excerpts above are from The Guardian, Saturday 9 September 2017

Hear more of Don’s music:

Don Williams Greatest Hits

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