In my journey and search for wisdom, I have been extremely blessed with finding some wonderful friends, friends that have inspired me and have made me a happier person. One of those wonderful friends is Dr. Uli Spalthoff, Director of Dignity Press, Dorezbach, Germany. Uli and I began to exchange emails a few years back. We first met at the GCGI 11th Annual Conference which was hosted at Cite’ universitaire international in Paris in 2013 and then again at our 12th Annual Conference, at Waterperry House, near Oxford in 2014.


Our friendship has grown strong and we now cooperate in some projects for the common good. Today I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Dignity Press (DP) to you more fully.


‘Dignity Press and WorldDignityUniversity Press are affiliated with the WorldDignityUniversity and the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network. Since 2012, we have published books related to the work of our affiliates. As indicated by our logo, we look at human dignity from a global perspective. Our authors are from all over the world, and our books address human dignity and humiliation from a variety of perspectives.’


Currently (DP) is in the process of publishing seven new titles. The books are as diverse as can be imagined, written by authors from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Norway, the United States, Germany, and Turkey. Yet, the authors share one goal: To explore human dignity and humanity in all its depth.


Please keep an eye out for these titles, which will be available soon:

  • Conversations of Taoist Master Fu Hsiang - Mark Tarver 
  • Enlightened or Mad? A Psychologist Glimpses into Mystical Magnanimity - David Y. F. Ho
  • The Magic of the Everyday - Arctic Queen 
  • Meditations on Mystery - George Wolfe 
  • A Mighty Case Against War - Kathy Beckwith 
  • Mehr als du denkst. 77 Namensgeschichten - Petrus Ceelen
    ("More Than You Think: 77 Name Stories," in German)
  • Çekirdekten Yetistirme - Hayal Köksal ("Catch Them Young," in Turkish)

N.B. I am also delighted and honoured to know Evelin Lindner, Founder and President, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies and World Dignity University; and Linda Hartling, Dignity Press Director. We have been pen-pals for a number of years. They are great sources of inspiration to me.

I was delighted when Prof. Lindner invited me to be a Founding Member, WorldDignityUniversity, and to join the Global Advisory Board of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. It has been a privilege to serve in these capacities.

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