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Top company bosses will have earned more than the average Brit makes all year by midday today on day dubbed ‘Fat Cat Wednesday’

By lunchtime today wealthy execs would have raked in more than £28,000 despite it being the fourth day of the year!

“The UK’s top bosses will have made more money by lunchtime on Wednesday than the typical UK worker will earn all year, according to an analysis that exposes the gulf between executives and the rest of the workforce.”

Socialism for the 1% and Capitalism for the 99%!!

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But, please do not worry yourself for now:

As Messrs Trump, Farage, Johnson and other rightwing populists are working their socks off to Make us All Great Again!

By next year today, We Will All be raking in more that £28,000 by lunchtime!

Never underestimate the power of Capitalism and Zero-hour contracts to deliver you to the Promised Land!!

“On “Fat Cat Wednesday” campaigners say that public anger with elites will intensify unless action is taken to tackle excess among executives at a time when pressures on household budgets are rising.

The High Pay Centre calculated that the average FTSE 100 boss now earns more than £1,000 an hour, meaning they will pass the UK average salary of £28,200 by around midday on Wednesday. The thinktank said that after enjoying rapid earnings growth in recent years, leading bosses now typically earn 129 times more than their employees.”…

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And now: To all those who wish to make everywhere Great Again: Economic stability, business efficiency, social justice, sustainability and more all demand a complete overhaul of the current economic system.

The Good News is: If they are sincere, then, it is really easy to make the World Great Again. Let me explain:

1-    To make the world truly great again requires imagining that great world again:

“We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the power we need inside of us already. We have the power to imagine better.”   J.K. Rowling

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”   Albert Einstein  

'If in these days of gadget-driven life, the definition of technology is any tool or process we use to organise ourselves to achieve many of our goals, then the most important technology we have, as humans, surely must be the power of our imagination: The capacity to imagine creative alternatives to current social, political, or economic institutions or problems, empowering and enabling us to improve upon the story of our world.'

So, let’s come together and imagine that a better world is indeed possible:

Imagine a political system that puts the public first.  Imagine the economy and markets serving people rather than the other way round.  Imagine us placing values of respect, fairness, interdependence, and mutuality at the heart of our economy. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share, at least an appropriate living wage, and no zero-hour contracts.  Imagine where jobs are accessible and fulfilling, producing useful things rather than games of speculation and casino capitalism.  Imagine where wages support lives rather than an ever expanding chasm between the top 1% and the rest.  Imagine a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs, and which says no to greed.  Imagine unrestricted access to an excellent education, healthcare, housing and social services.  Imagine hunger being eliminated, no more food banks and soup kitchens.  Imagine each person having a place he/she can call home.  Imagine all senior citizens living a dignified and secure life.  Imagine all the youth leading their lives with ever-present hope for a better world.  Imagine a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. Imagine no more wars, but dialogue, conversation and non-violent resolution of conflicts. Imagine a world free of corruption!

2-   Requires a different set of values, different from the capitalists’ values of greed is good and such likes.

Let me recall the values of the GCGI as an example of what I have in mind:

The Values of the GCGI which we hold very dearly

We value caring and kindness                                 

We value passion and positive energy

We value service and volunteerism

We value simplicity and humility

We value trust, openness, and transparency

We value values-led education

We value harmony with nature

We value non-violent conflict resolution

We value interfaith, inter-civilisational and inter-generational dialogue

We value teamwork and collaboration

We value challenge and excellence

We value fun and play

We value curiosity and innovation

We value health and wellbeing

We value a sense of adventure

We value people, communities and cultures

We value friendship, cooperation and responsibility

Now, having imagined and valued that Great World we wish to build, there are still other requirements we have to adhere to in our journey to that Great World:

Requires a Values-led and Transformative Education

Requires an Economy for the Common Good

Requires Respect for our Wisest Teachers: Nature and Simple Life

And finally, I wish to share with you, the Open Letter which I had written to the Fat Cats on 24 October 2016:


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"As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering”

Dear Fat Cats,

Fat Cats: An invitation to dialogue