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From 1973 when I first discovered the Greggs Bakery in Cheylesmore, Coventry, I knew that they were different and special. 

Thank you Ian Gregg for confirming my belief in the goodness of humanity: We are not all bad, selfish and greedy. Indeed, Mr. Gregg, you have proved that not all in the business world are committed members of the ‘Fat Cats Club’, as some for sure have discovered what it means to be for the common good. 

Ian Gregg: Bringing Home the Bread for 50 Years,

Balancing Purpose and Profit to become a Force for Good


Photo: ‘Bringing home the bread for 50 years’ Via Bamboo Innovator

‘When Ian Gregg was just a boy he joined his father at work selling pies from his van to miners' wives around Newcastle. Now retired, he can look back on a business that began as a husband-and-wife team in the 1930s, and survived a world war and two major recessions to become our favourite bakery, beloved by everyone from children to office workers to soldiers overseas.

‘Ian Gregg led the family firm as it grew, employing generations of families from around Newcastle and then becoming a public company with bakeries in Scotland and across the North, and now with shops on every high street. This is a story of extraordinary success, but it is also a triumphant tale of how doing right by your people makes for great business. Bucking every trend, Greggs have always put their customers, employees and local communities before quick profits for directors and shareholders. Their astounding record of charitable works includes hardship grants, an environment fund, sponsorship of the North East Children's Cancer run and over £1 million raised annually for Children in Need.’

Ian Gregg highlights the inhumanity of Austerity and the folly and falacy of Trickle-down Economics 

Today, 14 November 2022, I read a very inspiring, informative and heartfelt article by a very successful businessman. It brought a lot of joy to me. It confirmed my belief that not every very rich person is horrible and nasty. Not every self-made successful businessman becomes selfish, soulless and heartless, not giving a damn about others, less achieved and rich than themselves. 

It also reaffirmed my long-held understanding that, it is the corrupt, cheaters and liars, who supposedly were and are ‘educated’ at ‘prestigious’ unversities with their totally useless and values-free  MBAs and PhDs in economics, business, marketing and management, who are now running our governments, that are the culprits of destruction and despair. They are the ones who are at fault, doing harm to us and the entire web of life. 

These fools have been indoctrinated and brainwashed in believing as a gospel that people are selfish, individualistic, sickeningly competitive and feral, who want nothing but more and more of everything, unable to give and share, not believing in community, society, cooperation, or getting happy from the joy of others and such likes.

These shortsighted politicians, here today gone tomorrow,  believe success can only be possible via a low tax economy, high economic growth which in due course, somehow, magically will trickle-down to the poor souls along the way!

Today, I want to give thanks to a man who sowed the seeds for what has become Britain’s biggest bakery chain, with more than 2000+ outlets, more than 20,000 staff and a turnover of more than £1300.00 million in 2021; for proving me right: We are not all nasty and heartless like our politicians, who work day and night to turn us all to be like them by practising ‘Bastard Economics’ on us.

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And finally, buy, read and be inspired by this must-read book

“Ian Gregg’s book about the growth of his family business is a great story with appeal for everyone. It provides valuable lessons and encouragement for anyone starting out in business while showing other leaders how to make better values an important part of a successful formula.” John Timpson CBE, Chairman of the Timpson Group 

“Greggs and their sterling staff have been supporters of Children in Need for many years, and have raised millions for the charity, helping the U.K.’s underprivileged, sick and handicapped children. Not content with their outstanding contribution to improving the lives of these children, Greggs also funds “Breakfast Clubs', which provide a healthy meal to start the day for 10,000 children who might otherwise go hungry in the morning. Every book you buy from Greggs helps fund these clubs. There’s a lot more to Greggs than a warm sausage roll.” — Sir Terry Wogan. 

“A fascinating, genuinely entertaining memoir…full of insight. The book is a fine combination of the personal and the professional. There has never been a better time – as discussions rage about the economy and we teeter on the brink of a third recession – for a man who has transformed a small family enterprise into a hugely successful business with a multi-million pound turnover, to make his voice heard.” Scotsman Magazine

Buy this fascinating book HERE