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“When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming together it is the beginning of reality.”Helder Camara

Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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The Enduring Shame of  ‘Bastard Economics’ , Neoliberalism and Crony Capitalism

The catastrophic fire that killed at least 72 innocent people in London was the inevitable byproduct of an ideology that vilifies the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, the disabled and the disadvantaged, blaming them for their plight, whilst celebrating crony, feral capitalists, tax-dodgers and tax-avoiders, offshoring their steals and more.

‘...But Grenfell is more than a story of negligence—a tragic coalescence of a dozen discrete moments of hubris and greed. It is also an awful fable of our time. Pundits often describe it as a “Hurricane Katrina moment,” a catastrophe that exposes a rich country’s contempt for its poor. “The charred remains of Grenfell Tower have become a shocking symbol of inequality at the heart of the capital itself,” the New York Times declared in a story on London's atomization earlier this week. “They have changed the national narrative.” Grenfell has become a grisly metaphor for all that is squalid about the British capital, unfettered free-market capitalism, and society at large.’+

Some of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed the lives of 72 people

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‘One year ago, the worst high-rise fire in British history in Grenfell Tower cost the lives of 72 people.