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Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Poverty, Destitution, Hunger and Homelessness in the Midst of Plenty

This is nothing, but a manifestation of a cruel and inhumane state of affairs

Homeless Children of ‘Great Britain’ growing up in Shipping Containers

Do you have an eye for justice and sense of duty? Then, these questions are for you



This, surely, must be, a lasting shame and scar on the conscience of Britain

'In Britain, the government’s ideological austerity agenda has contributed to plunging 4.1 million children into poverty. This means insecure accommodation, cold homes and not enough to eat – and young people absorb all of this stress. The anxiety of living like this should not be underestimated as a factor in the rise of self-harm behaviours. Worries about exams, university applications and job prospects all loom large too, particularly in a world where employment options are too often limited and precarious.'

Nota bene

A journey through a land of austerity, poverty and inequality: Welcome to Britain

The pertinent question is:

Where has the nation’s moral compass gone? Where is the outrage, disgust, anger and indignation about this inhumanity and abuse?